When we met INS, we were having issues with our infrastructure that would get resolved at times, but it wouldn’t last very long before something else went wrong. It became clear that the part-time person we had wasn’t the long term answer. We chose to trust INS, and now we rarely if ever notice issues with our infrastructure. We also had a web application project for a very important state program that was about a year late with no clear deliverable date in sight. INS helped us there too, and gave us something that has been well-received by our clients and really works. INS accomplished that in half the time, and for a little over half the money we spent before. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to trust INS with that too.  

Sam Criss, President/CEO

Indiana Connected by 25, Non-Profit

Steve Smith and his team of professionals have served our firm’s IT needs for almost a decade. We trust them for their responsiveness, depth of expertise and their integrity in all they do. They have worked closely with us to truly understand our business and technology needs. They work very well with our other related vendors, often going above and beyond to find solutions.

- Director of Operations

Law Firm

We have been engaged with INS Services for over 5 years.  Besides providing excellent desktop services to our challenging users, they have been instrumental in our infrastructure upgrades without distracting us from our core business.  We have at our fingertips, experienced desktop support, senior level systems and network support personnel.  Experts when we need it without having to hire full time staff to perform and maintain those critical functions.   When our business calls for infrastructure changes, INS provides depth to our staff and allows us to continue to focus on our core business while staying current on technology.

- VP Infrastructure Services

Payroll Systems Provider

I bought my business two years ago and inherited problems regarding anything to do with the IT department. I had worked with Steve Smith @ INS at my other business and wanted to use his company to help me fix problems, and have the support I needed to properly run my business. Needless to say I have been extremely happy with that decision. Not only have they identified problems we both knew about, they have also been proactive in finding potential problems that I was not aware of.

My business is dependent on proper computer hardware, and good internet connections and software we use all day long. Also, they have help with my phone systems that were not up to my standards and fixed them too. Their  core values are in the same as mine: treat the customer like they are a family member, and give them the service that is above and beyond what I expect. Simple philosophy that they execute very well. This is a company that if I called them in the middle of the night and needed help, they would not only answer the phone, but actually come over and help me. That is enough for me to have the peace of mind that I know I made the right choice in an IT company.

- President

Automotive Collision Industry

INS has been a valuable partner since September 2008.  They have helped us with a wide variety of projects that included, Desktop, Point of Sale and Server support.  I’ve always been able to come to INS for assistance and they will provide me an excellent resource and give superior technical advice.  I will continue to use them for future projects because they have proven time after time that their quality of service is 2nd to none.  They have helped my company be successful and I strongly recommend them as a dependable IT solution who won’t let you down

- Field Services Manager

Service Desk Industry

It is my pleasure to recommend Innovative Network Solutions as your IT services partner.  As a 5+ year client, I have worked closely with INS and am consistently impressed with their intelligence, diligence and honesty.  INS has demonstrated not only a broad and deep knowledge of technology, but a true desire to do what is best for our operations and budget.  INS continues to be a huge asset to our company as a cooperative, flexible and attentive business partner.  Innovative Network Solutions is perfect for meeting the IT needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

- Executive V.P

Software Development Industry

My company has been in business since 1986. We are a mechanical insulation distributor that covers Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. We sell to mechanical insulation contractors who install our products in Industrial/Commercial applications, such as schools, hospitals etc.

Since my company’s inception we have relied on “family” to take care of our IT needs. Timely response and work completion for us took a back seat to their traditional customers. Complacency and being taken for granted caused me to fire “family”, which was a difficult thing to have to do.

From that point, my wife’s company had a business relationship with INS. She suggested I give Steve Smith a call. I did. His company’s service has been outstanding. Especially his service tech people. You call and you get a “live person”. Our business has benefitted from having them as our IT support team. They came in, asked appropriate questions, understood our issues and critical areas.

With their help and guidance, or service to our customers has never been better.

I will continue to give their name out to anyone that asks about IT support.

- President

Industrial Mechanical Insulation Industry

INS has been providing our IT support services from the day we started our business,  about six years.

We outsource everything from helpdesk support, hardware and software purchasing, to IT strategic planning services.  The INS staff members are friendly, knowledgeable and very responsive.  They do a fantastic job keeping us up to date with the latest technological tools that may benefit our productivity, security and costs.   They understand our culture and how we do business, and they are very flexible and amenable to adapting to our needs.   I respect and appreciate the fact that they do not try and sell us technology or infrastructure that does not fit our organizational model.   They are easy to do business with, professional on all levels, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.  INS has been a fantastic partner for our organization.

- President

Healthcare Staffing & Consulting Industry

It is my pleasure to write concerning my company's relationship with Innovative Network Solutions, Inc.  We have used the company for several years now to set up and maintain our computers, printers and overall networking needs.  The results have been outstanding!  First, I should explain that we used several companies prior to establishing our current relationship with INS.  In every case we always had difficulties with communications, availability of technicians, and quality of workmanship.  All of these issues simply disappeared when we began using INS, who we now use for all our computer needs.

The knowledge of hardware, software, and networking shown by all INS technicians has impressed me very much. They always have suggestions and solutions for any and all challenges that come our way.  Everything runs smoothly now. INS has always been available right when we need them to assist us.  And, they always keep me in the loop so that I know what is going on.  This level of availability, knowledge and communication have not been available to me before!

We now depend on our computer networks more than ever.  It's great to know that I can depend on Innovative Network Solutions to keep my company on solid ground!

Thanks to Steve and his crew for the great work.

- President  

Sports Industry

INS is an efficient, knowledgeable, and reliable source for guidance in all areas of technology for our business. INS has been able to service a broad range of needs for our company while always remaining flexible, cost effective, and most importantly very quick to respond to emergencies. I would not be able to sleep so well at night without knowing that INS is there to support our infrastructure in every way possible.

- Director of Information Technology

Industrial Supplier Industry